عيد شهيد يا فلسطين
الله ينصركم


"To all my whatsup group, I send this bomb in your name.”"Thou shall annihilate Amalek" (bible)”
Israeli rabbi: It’s okay to kill innocent civilians and destroy Gaza

that is disgusting!
Eid in Palestine
Gaza:Minister of Health


Minister of Health: 1013 martyrs, injures 5840 in Gaza 
147 dead bodies pulled out of rubble and streets since morning


These lovely kids are the future - and they have a future. Their sisters and brothers in Gaza and the West Bank have no such guarantee.

Photo: Tweeted by Dr. Basel Abou Ward from Al-Shifa hospital, Gaza: “Due to the large numbers of injuries a father holding his child treatment on the ground.”He also tweeted: “The WORST experience in my life was: to tell a mother looking for her children that they r all DEAD.”

Massacre Of Al Najjar family on Khan Younis yesterday