Water crisis in Gaza.

Photo from Gaza sent to thank the people of Ireland
I am writing to you from Gaza I asked my mother what would be the best way to describe the situation in Gaza now?
She said tell them to imagine the situation of Gaza
you’re sitting in front of your computer or reading updates through your smart phone
you have silent all around you except for the sounds of cars outside or the sounds of people talking outside your place.
Everything seems and sounds okay
nothing dangerous at all and nothing to worry about
finally you hear a boom, a very loud boom, glass of the windows break
you feel the wind of the explosion hitting your face and your chest .
that’s only 1 explosion..
Imagine 10 of these every 1 minute
imagine that your relative is getting hit with one of these rockets,
A friend is dead, a cousin, someone you know..
you’re sad at the beginning but then it becomes normal. you hear about someone dying but an hour after you’re back to your normal life and you wait for your turn to come..
Unfortunately most people in Gaza lost the feeling of life; death became normal and life has no taste any more..
- A man from Gaza (via momo33me)